Music Minsitry
Want to add up to 15 years to your life expectancy and reduce your stress level? Recent studies have shown that people who enjoy singing live longer…up to 15 years longer and handle stress better.
Think about joining our music ministry and leading our assembly in song.

New members always welcomed!

Director – Rene Crosby: 782-1955 or 498-3885

Adult/Teen Choir rehearse Thursday's 
8:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Play an instrument? Piano, guitar, flute, drums, horns? Rene wants you! 
Give her a call!

Sing a joyful song to the Lord!...parish youth help sing the closing song at the 11:00 AM Mass last Sunday.

Note: Every Sunday, at the 11:00 AM Mass,  youth are invited to help with closing song...come join them!

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